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Autumn is quickly transitioning into winter, bringing with it new temperatures for you and your sleep to contend with. 

Though whilst the colder winter weather may prompt you to increase the central heating or throw on an extra layer of clothing, there is much to suggest that a chillier night’s sleep may in fact be better for our health.


The ideal temperature environment for sleeping is between the range of 15-22° c, though in the winter these indoor temperatures can reach far higher as a result of an overworked thermostat as well as thick extra layers. 


Hotter sleeping environments can affect deep sleep, specifically in the REM stage which is crucial for restoring our mind and body for the following day. Below, we’ve looked into four more reasons why a colder environment can equate to a better quality night’s sleep…


Helps regulate our temperature 

Our bodies have internal core temperatures which dip a few degrees lower than usual just before bed. By introducing your body into a cooler sleeping environment, you’re stimulating this need for sleep and allowing for fluid movement between each sleep stage throughout the night. Sleeping in a bedroom that’s too hot can disrupt sleep and lead to dehydrating hot sweats throughout the night. 


It can help us fall asleep quicker 

When our bodies become lethargic at the end of the day, our core temperature naturally drops, signalling that it’s time to slow down, rest and recover. Going to sleep in a hot room therefore has the potential to suppress those bodily signals, causing you to take longer to fall asleep. A cool bedroom supports these natural instincts to sleep.


Stimulates melatonin levels

Melatonin is a crucial hormone released by the pineal gland to regulate our sleep-cycle and much much more. Rooms between 15-20°C stimulate the production of this hormone, encouraging a healthy and happy sleep. Though that’s not all. Melatonin is also a powerful anti-ageing hormone, a mood enhancer and even has weight-loss fighting properties.


Increases Metabolism 

Speaking of weight-loss, studies show decreasing your bedroom temperature before heading off to bed, keeping your core temperature at a cool level, is the most effective condition for your metabolic rates. Cooler sleeping environments increases the brown fat we store, which is a “good fat” that helps us to burn calories and help dispose of excess blood sugar. As a result, this helps our bodies to effectively process energy. 


This isn’t to say the radiator shouldn’t be on, or you should remove your extra winter blanket however; everyone sleeps differently, with varying preferences on what position they sleep in or how warm they like to be when they sleep.


At nanu we cater for these preferences, allowing you to design sleep products specifically made just for YOU. By filling in your height, weight, preferred sleeping position and pillow density, we can calculate the perfect pillow for you and deliver it straight to your door. Or if you’re looking for a cooler sleep and your partner prefers it hot, try our hot&not duvet for two different sleep environments under one perfect duvet. 


Keep a keen eye on that thermostat this winter, maintaining the sweet spot of 15-22°c when heading to bed, to give you the best chance possible for your perfect night’s sleep.



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