your perfect sleep - designed by you, made by nanu

how to create your perfect pillow and duvet

using our quick and easy pillow and duvet builders, you input your information about how you like to sleep; whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or front sleeper for your perfect pillow, or how warm you would like your hot&not split-weight duvet to be, in order to create your perfect night’s sleep.

designed by you, made by nanu

click to design your perfect pillow

your perfect sleep for just £35

create your hot&not duvet – it’s perfect

revolutionary split-weight duvets from £50

our promise

Your perfect sleep product
Designed by you
Made by us
2 year guarantee
A good night’s sleep

the benefits of sleep with nanu

reduces stress

improves your memory

lowers your blood pressure

helps your body to fight back

helps you maintain your weight

puts you in a better mood

reduces your chances of diabetes

helps keep your heart healthy

can be a painkiller

can make you smarter

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