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Every job requires the right equipment, and sleep is no different. Although there are a number of external factors that need to be controlled to ensure your sleep isn’t harmed, such as noise and light, there are certain tools that you can use to help maximise your chances of having the good night’s sleep you are after.


The spiritual activity of meditation is a very helpful exercise that allows you to properly prepare your body for the night ahead. Meditation is a process of focusing that allows you to mentally and physically relax. There are different meditation apps and books available to teach you how to achieve the correct state of meditation through various calming dialogue and sounds. All of these should contribute to giving you a great night’s sleep.



Some people like to read on their electronic devices before they go to bed, whether it’s from a fictional book or on social media. However, using such devices and screens so close to trying to sleep can extend the period of time it takes for you to finally drift off. An easy fix for this is to read your books the old fashioned way before bed. Similar to meditation, reading will help to distract and relax your mind until you are finally ready to sleep, without the risk of LED lights compromising the strength of your sleep.



A sleep tool very close to our hearts is your pillow. Your pillow must be able to support your neck and upper back properly so you avoid any stress or stiffness the following day. However, most importantly your pillow needs to be able to satisfy you in terms of comfort. The comfier you are, the quicker you’ll be able to drift off to sleep.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right pillow. Luckily for you, we have a solution…


Here at nanu, we are striving to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible by allowing you to create your perfect pillow with our Pillow Design tool. After you’ve answered our 4 simple questions, we can begin building your pillow, before getting it hand delivered to you.


This is a unique chance for you to customise a sleep product to suit your specific needs, and we are proud for nanu to be able to provide this opportunity for you.

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