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At nanu we care about your sleep, our sleep and the slumber of the whole nation. Which is why when a new sleep study peaks our interest we are eager to share the findings with our fellow sleep enthusiasts. The latest news had the team sacrificing their screens for the sake of 40 winks…

In a world of constant free-flowing digital content, we can’t blame you for wanting to catch up on the latest headlines, browse through social media or watch that video of a talking dog before bed. But that blue light emitting from your phone, your laptop or even your eco-light bulbs can deal real blows to quality of sleep, and specifically your melatonin balance.


Melatonin is a hormone released by the pineal gland that helps regulate sleeping patterns once natural light has dwindled and twilight hours commence. Whilst artificial light from lamps also aid in melatonin suppression, it is the blue light emitted from LED screens that does so more powerfully.


New research from the Netherlands have shown that reducing evening blue light exposure from phones, tablets and laptops before bed may decrease fatigue and mood swings in adolescents; improving quality of sleep and concentration levels after just seven days of implementation.


Such exposure to blue light can alter circadian rhythms (aka your body clock) by twice the degree, having a significant effect on your health, creating problems with the cardiovascular, metabolic and immune systems as well as compromising your all important mood. When your circadian rhythm is out of time, you think, work and play well below your best.


At nanu we pride ourselves on being sleep experts, and because of our experience and expertise we know that the person who knows how you sleep best, is you. Our premium pillows can be tailored to your specific needs by answering our four simple questions on your height, weight, which side you sleep on and how firm or soft you like your pillow. Ensuring you have the right pillow is an essential part of ensuring a great night’s sleep, offering you the necessary support for your neck, head and upper back.


So whilst it may be tempting to scroll the metropolis of social media, try the light-less joys of a book or some music before bed and awaken to refreshing azure skies.






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