because opposites attract



valentine’s day – a time to love, cherish and adore that which brings you the most happiness in life…your bed

Yes, whilst of course Valentine’s Day is a time to embrace your loved one, we at nanu believe it is also a time you should treasure your bed. With all the tossing, turning and duvet-tugging however, we realise the perfect, harmonious sleep isn’t always easy. Our revolutionary hot&not duvet is your new solution, seamlessly split down the middle, one half is cooler, the other half is warmer – opposites really do attract.


With that in mind, and love well and truly in the air, why do opposites attract? 


Timeless novels and fairy tales have long embraced the underdog story of impossible love, where characters transcend their ‘limitations’ in the pursuit of their true love. Though these stories of mismatched couples are escapist fantasies, the hopeless romantic inside us all can’t help but yearn for it to be true. 


So why are we so attracted to those we have so little in common with?



unfamiliar Territory


Though the idea of falling for our exact counterpart seems attractive, having a duplicate of ourselves, sharing our own interests and a similar personality, can quickly become dull. In a life of routine and familiarity, one instead becomes attracted to that which is new, exciting and mysterious (like our brand new yu-nu moisturising pillowcase!) The uncertainty of dating your opposite keeps things exciting and fresh, stepping out of your comfort zone as you discover that which you wouldn’t have experienced before.


By embracing different situations and different viewpoints, suddenly your life is full of unpredictable and exciting opportunities. 



New Perspectives 


Perfection is hard to come by (unless you’re a nanu pillow/duvet); we all have amazing traits, but we will always be striving to better those qualities we lack in. This is why when we see those desirable qualities in others, we are instantly attracted to them, magnetised to their marvellous attributes that will perfectly balance out our faults.  These people can often be our polar opposite. 


Opposing traits will breed new life into old perspectives, making you question and challenge your own personality, bettering yourself in the process.



Or, do ‘Birds of a Feather flock together’?


Whilst the idea of falling in love with our opposite is certainly attractive, the reality can often be different, as we find ourselves charmed by those who share and amplify our own beautiful qualities. One thing’s for sure, it would make the act of sharing a bed far easier.


If the tussling-turned-wrestle of a midnight duvet domestic is a familiar occurrence in your sleeping pattern, then our revolutionary hot&not duvet is perfect for you! With the ability to tailor each half of the duvet to the temperature preferences of both you and your partner, you can achieve the perfect sleep every night. 


So feel the love this Valentine’s weekend and embrace your partners’ flaws and foibles, after all, opposites attract!



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