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yes – this skincare treatment has been clinically tested by dermatest, a leading european research institute.

the yu-nu pillowcase can withstand 12 washes. we recommend using the pillowcases in pairs, using only 1 on your bed at a time and washing weekly. this will provide nourishing skincare for 6 months.

the yu-nu pillowcase contains organic probiotics called carotenoids that can be found in vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes. these carotenoids are embedded within the pillowcase and are responsible for refreshing, rejuvenating and protecting your skin cells as you sleep.

individual results from using the pillowcase may vary depending on age, skin type and hours of sleep. results are normally visible from 2 weeks of first use.

full facial contact with the yu-nu pillowcase fabric is not needed for the skincare process to work.

It is rare for probiotics to cause skin irritation, but as with all items, if skin irritation occurs, please stop using it straight away.

There are 2 pillowcases in each pack. The yu-nu pillowcase can withstand 12 washes, and as they come in packs of 2, we recommend using 1 at a time and washing weekly. this will give you 6 months of nourishing skin care.

the yu-nu pillowcase comfortably fits all standard pillows which are 48x74cm

please wash your pillowcase at 40 degrees, similar to other bed linen

Yes you can, but they can only be dried on the lowest setting.

you can choose whether to personalise the hot&not duvet, just for you or for you and your partner. the hot&not duvet is first of its kind and will help to optimise your nights sleep. No matter the humidity, the hot&not duvet will facilitate your preference. The nanu duvet is tailored to best suit you, while the hot&not duvet offers tailoring for you and your partner by offering two preferences in one duvet.

the nanu duvet can be machine washed on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees

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