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Everyone can do it, but not everyone does it properly!

Alongside diet and exercise, sleep is a crucial component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep. To ensure that you give yourself the best chance of having that long, deep sleep that you’ve been craving all day, the NHS has provided some tips on ways of achieving this:


Sleep at regular times

Getting into a routine with your sleep is a good place to start. Ensure that you are consistent with the duration of your sleep and the times between which that falls, and you should find that the strength of your sleep will improve.


Make sure you wind down

It sounds simple, but calming and relaxing your mind and body will help to increase your chances of a good night’s sleep. Warm baths to control your body temperature, yoga to relax your muscles and reading a book to distract your mind are just some of the recommended methods for sleep optimisation.


Make your bedroom sleep friendly

As silly as it might sound, make sure you prepare your bedroom in a way that allows you to sleep. By reducing the amount of technology, light and controlling the temperature of the room, you will be able to focus on your sleep without any external factors interfering.


Keep a sleep diary

A template for this is available on the NHS site. Keeping a dedicated sleep diary will allow you to identify and locate habits and behaviours that are affecting your sleep, be it positively or negatively. Sleep related conditions such as stress and insomnia are easier to identify through this method.


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