introducing yu-nu




nanu’s new skin care treatment is so simple you can do it in your sleep…

Yu-Nu is a revolutionary new moisturising pillowcase and the brand-new member of our perfect sleep product range. Wake up to younger looking skin, nourished and enriched after Yu-Nu’s probiotic technology hydrates you overnight. 


A skincare treatment cleverly stored in the fabric of the pillowcase, the Yu-Nu uses organic probiotics found in fresh fruits and vegetables, applying a glow and radiance to your skin. The pillowcase itself contains tiny probiotic capsules which are released through friction, these contain carotenoids which help to protect our skin from harmful UV light whilst restoring ageing skin cells. Moisturising has never been so simple.  


Speaking of moisturising, taking care of your skin is crucial, especially when considering that your face is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. In fact skin cells in your face replace themselves more often than any other area of your skin, leaving your face vulnerable to dryness and blemishes. Through moisturising you can give this sensitive skin the boost it needs to stay healthy and radiant, fighting wrinkles and helping you look (and feel) younger. 


Yu-nu provides these benefits in your sleep without the bother of a labouring application process or an overbearing price tag. Simply relax, lie down and let yu-nu use its organic antioxidants to protect, moisturise and beautify your skin as you sleep. 


It’s the latest innovation from us at nanu, harnessing our expertise and knowledge to bring everybody their perfect night’s sleep. With the ability to improve your mood, reduce your blood pressure and help maintain a healthy heart, sleep is a superpower fueling you throughout the day. A combination of our revolutionary new yu-nu pillowcase and tailor-made pillow, attacks exhaustion from all angles, replenishing your core energy levels whilst rejuvenating your skin too.


Feel Replenished. Feel Radiant. Feel new. 

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