National bed month – March


Why not create the perfect sleep environment for national bed month 2019

To create the perfect nights sleep it’s important to get a bed with the correct support, comfort and
space to ensure you wake less, move about less are less disturbed by your partner and less likely to
wake up feeling tired.

Remember if you aren’t comfortable your sleep won’t be as deep!

During national bed month its important to look at your bed and the environment you sleep in. Here
are some top tips to creating the perfect environment;

  • Make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable, supportive bed and with the best bedding and
    pillows you can afford
  • Keep the room completely dark – consider blackout curtains or an eye mask
  • Make sure your room is at the right temperature – keep it slightly cool around 16-18C
  • Keep clutter out of your room e.g. put the laundry basket in the spare room or bathroom
  • Don’t treat your bedroom as an extension of the lounge or study – keep televisions or
    computers out of the bedroom and turn off your mobile phone and anything with an LED
  • Fill your bedroom full of beautiful things such as photographs of loved ones , pictures, plants
    and flowers – it will help you look forward to going to bed
  • Avoid bright colours in your bedroom which are less restful and less conducive to a good
    night sleep. Use muted and pastel colours which are more calming
  • Some smells can make you more relaxed and calm. Lavender and geranium can be used for
    calming effect

Like proper nutrition and exercise, sleep fulfils a vital role in keeping us healthy and happy. We need
a good nights sleep to ensure we’re feeling fit, thinking sharply and to give us the enthusiasm to
make the most of everyday living.

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