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New year, new you? As 2020 kicks-off, it’s about time you followed through with some of those resolutions, to make this year your best ever.

What better way to boost your year than to start with tackling your sleeping routine. Whilst the health benefits of a morning run, or getting your 5-a-day are well-known, rarely do we discuss the importance of a great night’s sleep and those optimum 7-9 hours of rest. With the ability to improve your mood, reduce your blood pressure and help maintain a healthy heart, sleep is truly a superpower, fuelling your body with energy for the day.

So as we plant our feet firmly into the new decade, here are four sleep resolutions for 2020 from nanu:


Stop Pressing snooze

It might be tempting to press that snooze button in favour of having an extra few minutes rest, but in reality that last bit of shuteye may do your body more harm than good. If you’re continuously waking up, snoozing your alarm and going back to sleep you’re repeatedly going in and out of the REM cycle of sleep. This can confuse your body, leading to those extra minutes in bed having an adverse effect on your alertness throughout the day. You snooze, you lose. 



Remove your phone from your bedtime routine 

Phones, laptops and even certain light bulbs emit blue light, this has an adverse effect on our melatonin levels, disrupting our circadian rhythms. Try charging your phone in another room and investing in a good alarm clock, in order to remove all distractions and the potential damage blue light can cause. Removing your phone from your bedroom will help to reduce your usage of it, as will swapping your gadget for a book or magazine, both of which are proven by researchers at the University of Sussex, to help reduce stress and better prepare your body for sleep.



Zhuzh up your bedroom

Tidy space, tidy mind. Studies from the University of St.Lawrence have in fact shown that those who have a messy bedroom also have a worse night’s sleep due to increased stress levels, when compared with those who sleep in a tidy room. It is of equal importance that this space maintains a cool enough temperature to facilitate sleep. Our bodies naturally dip in temperature toward the end of the day, telling our brains to rest and recover. Sleeping in a hot room therefore suppresses these bodily signals, causing it to take longer for you to drift off.



Watch what (and when) you eat

The later you eat, the less prepared your body is for sleep, with late night bingeing linked not only to an adverse effect on your sleep, but also a negative impact on your short-term memory. Ensure that you eat a minimum of two hours prior to going to sleep, and make sure the meal you do eat is nutritious and low in sugar. Carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato are excellent sleep aids, being high in serotonin, a chemical which plays a critical role in promoting restful sleep. 



Finally, who could forget, the best way to improve your sleep in 2020, get some sleep  products that are tailored specifically to you. 


nanu’s range of premium sleep products are made to your specification of how you sleep, whether it’s our perfect pillow personalised to your sleep preferences, our hot&not duvet creating two different sleeping environments under one duvet, or our brand new, revolutionary yu-nu pillowcase. 


Once you champion sleep, you can champion anything.  Make 2020 the year of sleep with nanu.



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