nightmares and what they mean


Happy Halloween! Whilst the night’s are getting darker, nanu is here to shed light on the spooky side of sleep, explaining the most common and most creepy nightmares.

Put simply, dreams are hallucinations that happen during sleep, specifically during the REM stage where the brain is almost as active as it is when we are awake. Thought of as a way for our brains to consolidate memories and confront emotional traumas, dreams create connections regarding your feelings that your conscious self wouldn’t make, hence why they can be so bizarre. 


Dreams which challenge frightening or upsetting aspects of life are considered nightmares and are often brought on by everyday stress or anxiety. Such nightmares can vary greatly in content and can prompt a range of emotions, from shame to disgust, not just the usual feeling of terror. However, there are many subjects that are experienced universally, from the terrifying to the absurd, in nightmares which we at nanu love to dissect and explain:


Being Chased 

One of the most common dreams around the world; to dream of being chased is to suggest that you’re avoiding real life problems and issues, and are facing challenges or frustrations when confronting these issues. Such nightmares are usually triggered by fear or anxiety concerning a particular upcoming event. 


Public Nudity

Although an extremely rare occurrence in real life, to dream of being naked in public has been reported as a widespread nightmare. This dream denotes a particular vulnerability in your life, and can also represent a recent embarrassment which has made you feel self-conscious. 


Being Late 

Unfortunately all too common in real-life, when one dreams of being late it is thought that this is a subconscious urge to take a new direction in your life, offering a reminder that you’re running out of time to do so. It can also symbolise the fear of missing out on a crucial opportunity.



One of the more alarming nightmares on this list, to dream of falling will usually result in a climactic jolt, snapping you back into reality. These dreams are an indication of one’s insecurities and anxieties, suggesting that you’re currently out of control with where you’re going in life. On the contrary, a peaceful, floating fall can suggest that you’re in control and have ‘let go’ from a recent trauma.


Teeth falling out

Feeling rejected or embarrassed? You may find yourself dreaming of your teeth falling out, a very common nightmare that suggests a fear of old age and an insecurity of one’s own appearance. Losing teeth can symbolise other fears of loss, such as loss of friends, family or a current job. 


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