pets on your bed – the verdict

Last week, we asked our social media followers “Are your furry best friends allowed on your bed?”. We found some very surprising results…

From our polls, we found out that 59% of our Facebook entrants let their pets onto their bed, with the remaining 41% against their furry friends invading their personal sleeping space. The same split was seen on Instagram, with the majority of people being comfortable with their pets being able to go on their bed.*


So, now that we’ve confirmed that the majority of people were more than happy for their pets to go on their bed, we now have another question to follow this…


Should your pets be allowed on your bed?


To ensure that you have created a tranquil sleep environment, you need to ensure your bedroom is “sleep friendly”. Sleep is best achieved once you have reached a state of calm and relaxation, and so by eliminating environmental factors that can potentially disturb this, you give yourself the best chance possible to achieve a great night’s sleep.


Whilst your pets are undoubtedly adorable and cuddly, there is potential for your pet to in fact limit the optimisation of your sleep. Factors such as stray hairs on your mattress and pillow can result in discomfort, and as a result increase levels of stress when you are trying to relax and get to sleep. Even the presence of your pet within the room can capture your attention, and therefore lengthen the time taken for you to unwind and drift off into a dreamy slumber.


In order to create the best sleep environment possible, you should always look to minimise as many disruptive external factors as possible. The main factors we suggest controlling are the room’s temperature, the amount of light and the technology present within your room itself. By making your bedroom sleep-friendly, this will ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible. If this means stopping your pet from going on your bed, then that’s the price that must be paid for a high quality night of sleep.


For more tips on how to get a better night’s sleep, visit our blog on “How to Sleep”. Equally, why not take your first steps in gaining control over your perfect night’s sleep by using our pillow builder to create your perfect pillow today. In just 4 easy questions, you will have designed your perfect pillow, which we will then make and deliver straight to you. It’s that simple.


Remember, this is your perfect pillow, not your pet’s!


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* – All poll results correct at the time of writing

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