pillow amnesty

Pillow lost its pep? Firmer than concrete? Smelling more ‘eww’ than ‘ahh’? People of the UK, it’s time to give your head (and neck) some TLC.

At nanu, we pride ourselves on being sleep experts, and because of our experience and expertise we know that the person who knows how you sleep best, is you. Our premium pillows can be tailored to you by answering are four simple questions on your height, weight, which side you sleep on and how firm or soft you like your pillow. Sleep is a crucial pillar of our health, and so we are on a mission to make sure people are getting their optimum levels of sleep, and also keeping your pillows in great condition.


A study by nanu has found some shocking slumber statistics (look away now germaphobes). We found that the majority of people in the UK sleep on a pillow over 5 years old, and worse still, pillows which have never been washed. Furthermore, once Brits have reached breaking point, 37% prefer to scrap their pillow rather than recycling or simply washing it.


Once everyone here at nanu took some time to process such shocking information (The Sleep Guru is still recovering), we took it upon ourselves to change the nation’s ways, announcing a ‘pillow amnesty’ across social media. But first we had to delve deeper.


Pillows are the dash of comfort that make the morning/evening/days/bank-holidays etc. that much better. We therefore can’t blame you for getting so attached to them, finding that 36% keep ahold of their pillow because of the way it has moulded to their sleeping position. Other reasons range from the 11% of people finding comfort in their pillows’ homely odour, as well as the 8% who claim it minimizes anxiety.


It’s the extra family member. One which you’ve never had arguments with, and (hopefully) never will.


Some titans of the sleeping world take their pillows on holiday with them, 8% to be precise, with 7% taking them anywhere they’ll be sleeping and 3% even taking their pillows to the cinema with them; perhaps absorbing a strange mix of buttered popcorn and tears in the process?


Men are setting the standard for bedding hygiene with only 35% claiming they’ve never washed their pillow as opposed to 46% of women. Though men are more hygienic, we also found that they’re far more emotionally attached to their pillows. So attached they are in fact, that we found they’re twice as happy to lose personal, expensive items such as wallets, watches and even family photos, rather than lose their favourite nighttime comforter.


Such a love for pillows fills us with joy at nanu. With over 40 years experience in the art of pillow perfection, we know how important a good night’s sleep is for our mental and physical well-being. We also know that everyone sleeps differently, with varied preferences concerning temperature, posture and position. This is why at nanu, we give the power to you, allowing you to craft your own perfect pillow, specific to one’s particular sleeping conditions.


So if your pillow has lost its plump then we urge you to visit our Facebook page and take part in our pillow amnesty, as we strive to help save the UK from calamitous kips. All entrants who like our page and post a picture of their tired pillows in the comments will receive a £5 discount at nanu, and a further lucky 50 will win a brand new pillow.


Let nanu put some bounce into your mornings and take part in our pillow amnesty to breathe new life into your Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays…

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