Pokemon and the technology of sleep

When we’re not flicking through social media under the blue light of our smartphones, it’s relaxing to find some respite in one’s own mind, reflecting on the day just gone.

This is becoming increasingly challenging however as new apps and technologies edge their way into everyday activities, with sleep being no exception. These apps can provide sleepy soundtracks to help you doze off as well as detailed stats on the quality of your night’s sleep, however there is much debate on their accuracy and health benefits.


Sleep is crucial as it gives both our body and mind the chance to repair, relax and refresh after a day of thinking and exercising. Though, as we all know, the less we think about it, the easier it is to sleep. Yet when we know there’s an app on our phones that’s recording our exact patterns of sleep, anxiety can seep in, as well as a focus to reach certain sleep targets.


The graphs and charts which these app’s produce can be daunting, but do provide the user with the necessary information to adapt their sleep accordingly. Encouraging understanding of, and engagement with, your all-important sleeping schedule.


The newest of such apps has come from a somewhat unlikely source. The Pokemon Company, famous largely for their handheld video games, announced at the end of May that they would be releasing a new sleeping app, in the hopes to ‘turn sleep into entertainment’. The new app, set for release in 2020, is called ‘Pokemon Sleep’ and works through an external piece of hardware that is placed beside you when you sleep. Recording your sleeping pattern, the hardware takes the collected data and remotely alters the game depending on the quality and length of your sleep.


Considering the current sleep crisis among young people, with consistent sleeping patterns being disturbed by the bright light of addictive devices, this new game gives children an incentive to care and regulate their sleep properly. This is providing the game is a tool used to promote sleep and not a tool to distract from it.


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