sleep and the leap year

Where we at nanu usually enjoy 365 days of perfect sleep, this year is extra special. Just like 2016 before it, 2020 is a leap year which means one whole extra day of sleep.

Leap years are peculiar fellows, cropping up every four years to cause mischief on calendars worldwide, but for what cause? Well, whilst we may experience a year as 365 days, the length is in fact 365 days and 6 hours. Therefore, adding an extra February day every four years fixes the disparity between the traditional calendar and the Earth’s orbit. Without a leap year, our calendar would start to move ahead of the actual position of the earth, so to have them in existence keeps our clocks and calendars in sync with the solar system.


The 29th February has, as a result, become somewhat of an astronomical tradition. Those born on the momentous day are invited to join ‘The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies’, each invited to Anthony, Texas (the self-proclaimed leap year capital of the world), for a festival and birthday party for all those born on the 29th February.


so why not maximise the extra day by staying in bed, and There’s no better way to snuggle down to sleep than with your perfect nanu pillow, tailored to the specifics of how you sleep, giving you the support & comfort that you need for a great night’s sleep.


In addition to your perfect pillow, you and your partner can begin your preparation for the coming Spring-time sun with our phenomenal hot&not duvet which offers you the chance to tailor the warmth of yours & your partner’s halves of the duvet to your individual preferences to create one harmonious sleep environment. 


To top it all off, why not treat yourself to a pair of yu-nu moisturising pillowcases, blessed with the revolutionary power to rejuvenate & moisturise your skin whilst you sleep. What begins as ‘just another Saturday’ could suddenly become an ode to indulgence and relaxation. 


Let’s turn ‘Leap Day’ into Sleep Day, and just relax…




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