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As we spring forward into daylight saving time, it’s time to prepare for brighter mornings, longer days and the challenges that warmer weather brings to our sleeping pattern.

At 1:00 am on the 29th March the clocks will spring forward one hour, bringing us into British Summer Time (BST). Many of us won’t feel the effects of this change, though if your sleep schedule is irregular, you may feel unusually lethargic. The real challenge comes with the newfound weather of BST – though British weather is truly unpredictable, the Summer months promise an increased humidity, along with bright, early mornings. Keeping cool therefore becomes essential, not only for comfort, but also for a quality night’s sleep.


We explored this further in our previous blog ‘The Cooler way to Sleep’ where we discussed the ways in which a colder bedroom environment can benefit your sleep.


Though, in these turbulent times, it is essential that we look out for our own, and each others’, total health & wellbeing, so that we can form a strong defence against bacteria and illness. This can be especially challenging when cooped up indoors, where regular exercise isn’t as accessible and healthy eating can be a struggle. So, with the incoming warmer weather and current lack of social opportunities, we’ve listed the some of the most essential ways we can help to maintain our health in the coming weeks:




Though your schedule may be entirely off balance, sticking to your usual daily routine will help you to maintain a good level of health. Rising early for a nutritious bowl of porridge should provide you with enough energy until lunch. When it comes to dinner, the earlier you can eat before bed the better, as digesting food raises your body temperature, meaning you may find it harder to get to sleep at night. 

Staying hydrated is of equal importance, making nutrients and minerals more readily available around the body, whilst also helping the kidneys to flush out waste products and excess fluid. 



Perhaps the greatest advantage of BST are the brighter evenings, meaning you can get up and out for longer. Exercise is great for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as having a direct impact on your sleep, increasing the time you spend in deep sleep, when your body is at its most physically restorative. 

Although gyms and other fitness centers may not be available, the brighter, warmer mornings and evenings make a jog or a cycle far more enticing. Alternatively, why not adopt a regular indoor workout, or allow a newfound love of yoga to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.  



Sleep is a superpower, with the ability to help fight illnesses, improve your mood and strengthen your immune system to help fight future infections.. A great night’s sleep helps our brains to consolidate memories and process information, giving it the chance to rejuvenate your mind and body, and therefore positively boosting your mental health.



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Spring forward this March with regular maintenance of your mind and body, brighter days are on the way…

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