The hot&not duvet – A revolution in sleep


One side of the duvet too hot? The other too cold? No more tossing and turning! The duvet just got clever…

We at nanu have an exciting announcement: we have just launched the latest in our perfect sleep product range – the revolutionary nanu hot&not duvet!


The nanu hot&not duvet is the first of its kind and will help to optimise your night’s sleep. No matter the humidity, the hot & not duvet facilitates your preference. We are giving you the chance to tailor both halves of your one piece duvet to best suit you and your partner; one half toasty, the other half cooler. However you like it, your duvet is tailored specifically to your design so that you and your partner can get your perfect night’s sleep. 


Together you can craft a duvet that lends itself to both your needs, ending all duvet domestics. Two personalised sleeps, one perfect duvet. 


Temperature regulation is crucial to getting a great night’s sleep. Your body heat peaks in the evening before falling to its lowest levels whilst you’re asleep, so it’s important that you compensate for this before going to sleep. The hot&not duvet allows for instant temperature adjustment. Overheating? Simply use the cooler half of the duvet. 


Designing your hot&not duvet couldn’t be easier; our online duvet builder allows you to select your duvet size, double or king, before letting you choose how toasty or cool you’d like either half of your duvet.


For over 40 years we at nanu have been harnessing our expertise and knowledge to create sleep products of the highest quality. Your night’s sleep is unique to you, and your duvet should be too. Our pillows have helped cradle the necks and heads of the nation and now it’s time for duvets to revolutionise your sleep too, so that you can find perfect equilibrium.


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your perfect sleep – designed by you, made by nanu.

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