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If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a day of sunshine in the UK this summer, you may have found it a little harder to sleep. The tossing. The turning. The constant repetition of “it’s too hot”.

In order to get to sleep our bodies must drop their core temperature, which explains why we find it so hard to sleep through a heatwave, or a particularly warm summer’s evening. nanu’s new hot&not duvet gives you a helping hand, using your temperature preferences to give you a sleep tailored to you. Though when it’s really hot we might look to more extreme measures of staying cool. Here are some suggestions: 


A cold water bottle 

A hot water bottle is one of the oldest ways to keep warm on a cold winter-night. But why not use it all year round? By putting it in the freezer you can make a handy-ice pack to keep you cool. Apply the bottle to your pulse points in at neck, wrist and ankles if you’re after a quick and efficient way to cool down. 


Sleep alone (or on the other side of the bed)

As much as you’d quite like to, snuggling up to your loved one is perhaps one of the worst things to do when your too warm ; creating a hotbed of heat and sweat. The best solution? Sleeping alone. Or instead, give your partner a literal cold shoulder and sleep on the other side of the bed.


Drink some water

As long as you don’t overload on your water intake, a quick glass before bed can help you get to sleep. All that tossing, turning and sweating can cause significant dehydration throughout the night, so a glass of water will not only help you to naturally drift off in the evening, but will also allow you to wake up refreshed and relaxed. 


Don’t panic

It’s hot, your bothered, you’ve got work at 7am. Not being able to sleep is no fun and can be extremely stressful, but the worst thing to do is panic. Get up out of bed and so something calming. Spend some time outside of your room, listen to some music, read a book and return to bed relaxed. Just make sure you don’t turn to the blue light of your phone.


Staying cool and relaxed is imperative to a great night’s sleep, not just during a heatwave, but throughout the year too. Light, soft and tailored to you, our nanu pillows are the greatest asset to your perfect sleep, especially when paired with our new hot&not duvet. Designed by you, our new duvet caters to your heat preference, making it a perfect choice for the warm summer evenings.




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