the swedish concept of gokotta

With the ‘dings’, ‘pings’, ‘tweets’ and ‘rings’ that have made themselves commonplace in everyday technological life, it is rare that we truly have time to ourselves. Finding that golden time of self-love and much needed TLC is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Sound familiar?


There may be a solution to making sure you get some quality “me-time”, in the form of the latest Scandanavian wellness trend called ‘Gokotta’. Translating roughly into ‘early-morning cuckoo’, the period of Gokotta stretches from Ascension Day (May 30th) to midsummer, encouraging an early morning rise to listen to the birdsong.


Advocates of this promising cure to Monday morning blues speak spritiedly about its many positive aspects, including a large increase in general productivity as well as a physical and mental wellbeing boost. There’s sleep science behind it too, all relating back to our circadian clocks. These internal clocks are activated by morning light, and so too are the hormones which promote alertness and activity. By embracing the mornings, you’ll stay sharper for longer, and conversely, this will make you more likely to sleep better in the evenings.


Whilst this can sound a little idealistic, Gokotta can be embraced in a variety of different ways, durations and places. It could involve a morning jog along a woodland path, sunrise meditation in a back garden, or simply having some time to yourself with a cup of tea on your doorstep. It’s not a question of quantity, but quality; taking that time out of your life to appreciate yourself and the day ahead.


At nanu we love an early morning; our team of sleep experts have the experience to know that by seizing the sunrise we are setting our minds up for success. We also know that to get the best sleep possible, you need the best pillow possible, and the person who knows how you sleep best, is you. Our premium pillows can be tailored to your specific needs by answering our four simple questions on your height, weight, which side you sleep on and how firm or soft you like your pillow. Ensuring you have the right pillow is an essential part of getting a great night’s sleep, providing you with the necessary support for your neck, head and upper back.


With your perfect night’s sleep you can wake up motivated, positive and with all the tools you need to get out and seize the morning. As summer dawns upon us, what greater time to rise, shine and catch that figurative Gokotta worm.



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