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At nanu we love to discuss the best ways to get prepared for your perfect sleep. As much as we can prepare ourselves however, we’ve been considering how we can prepare our bedroom to accommodate our imminent sleep.

Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is a priority, along with as little light as possible ; lesser-known however is the power of the air-purifying, bacteria-eliminating, sweet-smelling, house plant!


Bringing the outside, inside, may be one of the biggest interior design trends at the moment, but aside from their elegant properties, those pots of colourful foliage bring many health benefits too. We at nanu have parted the shrubs and delved into the vibrant world of houseplants, to bring you some of the best that help you settle down and get to sleep.


English Ivy

Yep, that plant that climbs up just-about anything in your garden and clings onto it for dear life. In fact, English Ivy, has amazing air-purifying qualities, with the ability to remove bad odors as well as airborne mould from your room and home. Don’t just take our word for it, English Ivy was included in NASA’s clean air study, as one of the best air-purifying plants there is.



Well-known in perfumes and scented candles, the Jasmine plant itself will refresh your room with a gentle fragrance. It’s a multi-talented addition to your windowsill, with not only a sweet smell and clean white flowers, but Jasmine has also been proven to promote better sleep. It’s delicate aroma helps to reduce anxiety, so you can drift off to sleep with peaceful ease and wake up well-rested for the day ahead.



Another fragrant superhero, lavender is more than a luxurious shampoo scent. This sweet purple house plant is a known room refresher and, like Jasmine, works wonders in increasing mindfulness in the day before settling you to deep sleep in the evening. Lavender should be the ‘joker’ in the back-pocket of every parent, as it has also been proven to reduce stress and crying in babies, helping them to get the beauty sleep they need. 


Peace Lily 

Approved by NASA in their clean air study, the Peace Lily is one of the best air-purifying plants there is, absorbing nasty chemicals from odors such as smoke, detergent and tobacco. Also proven to promote a peaceful atmosphere, there’s not much more this super-plant could do to prepare you for a great night’s kip. 



Like all the plants on this list, Rosemary is a great air purifier and an even better Oxygen emitter, exhaling it’s essential oils into your bedroom in the process. It also holds anxiety-reducing, memory-improving properties that help to enhance cognitive function and repair your brain whilst you sleep soundly on your nanu pillow. If that wasn’t enough, simply pick and chop to add some zing to your dinner. 


These fantastic plants are great aids toward a mind-set of relaxation, though to comfortably drift off, nothing beats the perfect pillow. Our premium pillows can be tailored to the specifics of the way you sleep, providing your head neck and back with the necessary support to give you your perfect sleep. By using our nanu, online pillow builder and selecting your weight, height, sleeping position and preferred density of your pillow, the experts at nanu can craft your perfect pillow. 


Being the season of bloom, now is the time to create your indoor jungle, a perfumed, air-purifying, NASA approved, sleep paradise.



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