The Perfect sleep



To sleep, to slumber, to visit the land of nod, however you say it, we all know the importance of it. Sleep is our life support system, as important as food and water at refreshing our mind, body and souls.

As sleep obsessives, we’ve recently been discovering such topics as the power of caffeine and the purity of house plants but it’s time that we explored our own ethos of ‘your perfect sleep’. What is the perfect sleep, and how can one make sure we have it on a daily basis? Well, just like our minds have to pass through several stages to reach deep sleep, so must our bodies. Everything must be perfect, humans are just so good at it that perfection comes naturally.  


Temperature ;  is it cool enough? Darkness ;  is there a sufficient amount? Pillow ; does it provide enough support and comfort? The key to a perfect sleep is optimum comfort for every part of our body, but that can differ depending on the individual. Some prefer to be hot, others prefer to be cold. Likewise, some like the ambient noise of the outside world, others prefer absolute silence. 


We all sleep differently and the only person who knows how you sleep best, is you. In fact the only constants of getting the perfect sleep are listed below:


Regulation: Making sure you get to bed around the same time every night.


Relaxation: Winding down before bed to ensure you’re in the right mindset to relax.


Environment: Clearing your bedroom of all sleep-disturbing items. Ensuring gadgets are off 

 and not producing any sleep-disturbing noises.


All of the above… and of course the right bedding. Our nanu pillows are supporting the heads, necks and backs of the nation, all whilst providing a comfortable sleep, and looking fabulous doing it. Your perfect sleep is diverse however, and our vision doesn’t end with just the pillow…it’s simply the first member of the nanu family. There’s much more to discover…


We’re looking to provide the perfect sleep in every sense of the word, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store…

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