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Glastonbury feels like a world away now. The site has been cleared, headaches have been soothed and normal diets have resumed.

To celebrate the festival however, and to make us feel better about not being there this year, we at nanu decided to hold a sleepy soundtrack competition. By posting your favourite sleep music in the comments section of our social media pages, you were in with the chance of winning a brand new nanu pillow. We were amazed by the range of responses. From classics such as Queen and Brian Eno to the more bizarre, in singing monks and the sound of your kids sleeping!


These responses gave us a brainwave. We’ve assembled some of our favourite responses including the most popular picks, the most unique, as well as some of our own tracks, and compiled them into a playlist for your relaxing enjoyment. 


Enjoy the likes of Enya, Coldplay and Otis Reading in the following Spotify playlist…


Though, as we searched through the comments we also found a large group of people who preferred the meditative sounds of nature to help settle them to sleep. Lapping waves, a gentle wind, or even the ambient noise of the traffic outside. Such sounds settle us into a deep relaxing lull, helping us drift easily off to sleep. 


If this sounds more up your street (or down your river), then we’d highly recommend the free ‘sound asleep pillow’ app, containing nature sounds, meditative music as well as white noise to help you reach zen.


All this is well and good if you have the perfect pillow to come home and collapse into. This is where we at nanu come in. Cradling your head, neck and back, the nanu pillow brings optimum comfort to your evening downtime. Tailored and designed to the very way you sleep, one minute you’ll be drifting off to Enya, the next you’ll be rising to the harmony of your alarm. 


Let us know on our social channels if we missed your all-time tranquil favourite or wish to add to the playlist. As long as it’s below 70 BPM we’ll see what we can do…

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