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At nanu we don’t often blow our own trumpet, but we think it’s about time we blew a morning bugle and shouted about some of our recent achievements in helping spread the word of enjoying a great night’s sleep with nanu.

Constantly striving for inspiration and innovation, we at nanu care about how you sleep. Our pillows provide support for your head, neck and back, and our brand new hot&not duvet optimises yours and your partner’s sleep depending on your individual temperature preference. Together, they will help you create your perfect sleeping environment.


We are proud to reveal that ‘Good Housekeeping’, the champions of home and garden, have recommended nanu in their latest issue, within an article dedicated to getting a better night’s sleep. ‘Welcome to night school’ features the biggest and best sleep products on the market, our nanu pillow included. Tried and tested by the team at Good Housekeeping, they commented that the pillow ‘offered comfort and support for a great night’s sleep’. High praise indeed from the household gurus.


We’ve also had the privilege of featuring in GQ’s vast review of sleep products, in ‘The business of sleep’. Writer Stuart McGurk tried out some of the latest in sleep tech, from night-lights to sleep apps, with our nanu pillow being among the products he tested. Leading the market in mens style and fashion, GQ praised the comfort of the pillow, making nanu both the choice for sleep lovers and fashionistas.


In addition to this, we’ve garnered praise from ‘The Times’, ‘Your Home’ and ‘Pretty 52’, the latter of which noting that our pillows are ‘totally breathable’. 


This is just the latest in our efforts to spread the word of a perfect sleep across the country. Both our nanu pillow and our hot&not duvet are tailored to you and the specifications of how you sleep, allowing you to lull into a deep slumber at night to feel fresher, faster and stronger come the morning.


Tried. Tested. Trusted. Nanu – Your perfect sleep. 



To find out more about our tailor made pillows and how you can design your very own in less than 2 minutes, read here –


For more information on our brand new hot&not duvet, click right here and design yours now –

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