what pillow is best for your sleep position?

In a recent article by MailOnline, they detailed findings regarding the best type of pillow for your sleeping position, and also two simple tests to see if your pillow needs changing.

The two methods described are “The Saddlebag Test” and “The Press Test”…



Lay a pillow across your arm, and if it folds over like a saddle bag, then your pillow has reached the end of it’s life.




This is the second method by which to tell if you need to invest in a new pillow.

To test the quality of your pillow, place it on a firm surface and press down in the centre.

A good quality pillow will ‘loft’ back into shape as soon as you lift your hand.



if you are in need of a new pillow, Take a look at the below sleeping positions to see what pillow suits your sleeping habit the best:



For anyone who always sleeps on their back, they should opt for a soft pillow that won’t throw the head too far forward or put stress on the neck.




A firm, high pillow is preferable for anyone who sleeps on their side.

This will help to keep the spine and neck aligned.  

You can also suggest placing a pillow between your knees while you sleep can also prevent pain in the lower back.




Sleepers who rest on their front may need a pillow that supports the neck and back, and therefore should invest in a soft pillow.

You might also want to tuck a pillow under your stomach to support your lower back.


Whatever position you sleep in and however firm you need your pillow to be, nanu will make your perfect pillow for you. Using our fantastic pillow builder tool, all you need to do is answer our 4 simple questions and we have all that we need to create your perfect pillow. We will then deliver it straight to you so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep with your perfect pillow.


Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6814095/Experts-reveal-change-pillows-three-years-tell-need-new-ones.html

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