world sleep day

Celebrate World Sleep Day today by resting your head on your perfect pillow; designed by you, made by nanu.

Christmas, your birthday, New Year’s Eve… these are just some of those once in a year days that you can’t help but get excited for. Here at nanu, one of our favourite days is today – World Sleep Day.


World Sleep Day is a worldwide celebration of all things sleep, as well as putting important sleep and health related topics into the spotlight for discussion. This day was created by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society, who are aiming to tackle some of the major problems that have arisen by improper sleep management.


Sleep is a fundamental pillar of health. It is just as important to enjoy a good night’s sleep than it is to ensure you always have breakfast or keep yourself fit and active, in order to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some people struggle to enjoy a good night’s sleep for a variety of reasons, be it a hereditary condition or environmentally induced. Regardless of the origin, World Sleep Day is the perfect time to address the problems that are preventing people from enjoying a fuller and longer night’s sleep.


Your health is important to us, which is why we at nanu are proud to offer you the chance to create your perfect pillow. We are sleep experts with a passion for making the best sleep products and delivering the highest quality premium service to our customers. Our latest innovation is our pillow builder tool, where we ask you 4 simple questions to confirm the specifications for your perfect pillow. Once you have answered those questions, we have everything we need to create your perfect pillow. We then manufacture the pillow and send it to you.  


We look forward to creating your perfect pillow.


Happy World Sleep Day!

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