you snooze, you lose –

Why hitting snooze can do more harm than good




Mornings can be tough, this is no secret. However, if you’re feeling groggy, tired and in need of a few extra minutes in bed when that dreaded alarm rings, hitting ‘snooze’ might be the worst thing you could do.

As you sleep and the midnight hours silently fly by, your body is going through several sleep cycles, the last of which is REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep, which slowly prepares you for a peaceful morning wake. This REM sleep stage is highly important for the restoration of mind and body after a hard day, making sure you feel sharp, focused and wide awake in the morning.  


As you awake hazy – eyed, you’re usually coming to the end of your last REM cycle. Once you get up, the REM cycle ends. On the other hand, if you hit snooze and go back to sleep, you are taken back into the middle of REM sleep, instead of returning to the end. Upon awakening the second time, this can make you feel groggy and disoriented, as a result of disturbed REM sleep.


If you continuously wake up, snooze your alarm and go back to sleep, you’re repeatedly coming in and out of this REM cycle. The more you go through this cycle, the more confused your body becomes, leading to those few extra minutes in bed having an adverse effect on your alertness throughout the day. This kind of sleep inertia can linger for two-four hours. 


Though, there’s no real reason to hit that snooze button; not when you’ve enjoyed your perfect sleep. With our specialised nanu pillow tailored to how you sleep and our brand new hot&not duvet which can facilitate two different sleep environments under one duvet, you can feel fresher, faster and ready for the day ahead. 


Sleep is a crucial part of leading a healthy lifestyle, helping us to maintain a healthy heart, a great mood and low blood pressure! 


Snooze, and you lose.




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