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The yu-nu pillowcase

Wake up to healthier looking skin with the new yu-nu pillowcase, the latest innovation from the sleep experts at nanu is clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth, making your dreams of beauty sleep a reality.

This crisp white cotton pillowcase is our new, clinically proven product that will repair, replenish and protect your skin cells as you sleep, allowing you to keep your microbiome balanced. Using the same organic probiotics found in fresh fruits and vegetables, the yu-nu pillowcase works its magic whilst you enjoy the perfect night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up with rejuvenated skin.


A nu-yu with yu-nu


yu-nu has been an amazing addition to my night-time moisturising routine, my skin feels rehydrated and healthier.

Although I still use my other moisturisers, knowing the yu-nu pillowcase works all through the night makes it the perfect night time moisturiser for me

moisturising has literally never been easier, the yu-nu pillowcase fits in perfectly with my normal day and night skincare routines.

The clever stuff

The yu-nu pillowcase is made of 100% pure, crisp white cotton and is machine washable. you can wash your pillowcase up to 12 times at 40 degrees and it will still retain its full, original effectiveness

The special textile of yu-nu is enriched with probiotics that produce carotenoids.

These carotenoids are anti-oxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables that protects our skin from UV light and restores skin cells damaged by ageing, as well as keeping your microbiome balanced.

Your perfect beauty sleep for an incredible introductory price of just £35 for 2 pillowcases

Our revolution in sleep continues with the yu-nu pillowcase. our organic probiotic skincare treatment is as simple as applying your yu-nu pillowcase to your pillow (preferably a nanu pillow…) and letting the natural probiotics nourish, repair and protect your skin cells as you sleep. for a special introductory price of £35, you can enjoy your perfect night of beauty sleep with your yu-nu pillowcase.


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